We sell shotguns, rifles, and handguns, and hold a good stock of rifle ammunition in most popular calibres.  We specialise in large calibre rifles for the heaviest of game.  We also supply riflescopes, gun cases, cartridge bags, and other related items.

We are able to fit riflescopes, and zero rifles with the client's chosen ammunition.  This service is usually offered free of charge with the purchase of a rifle.

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Short and long-term storage available for guns and rifles. 



We offer a comprehensive repair service for shotguns and rifles.  This includes the fitting of new stocks and barrels, and the threading of rifles to accept sound moderators.  We also make and fit our own design of muzzle-brake.


Deactivated firearms

We do not deal in deactivated or replica firearms, and will not undertake deactivations.


Rifle range

We have our own range facility, and can test and zero rifles of any calibre.

We can also correctly zero open sights, which may be particularly important on rifles for big-game.



We regularly import and export guns and ammunition, and can arrange this service for clients.

Please note that we will not undertake to import new products that are already represented in this country by factory appointed wholesalers.


Big-game hunting

We have been organising big-game hunting around the world for many years, and specialise in arranging trips to clients requirements.


Rifle hire

For clients who do not possess a rifle of suitable calibre, we are able to hire rifles suitable for a variety of big-game hunting.

Help and advice can be offered with regard to applying for FAC variations for rifles to be used abroad.